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Hey this is the first contest I am doing.
You can win Pre- designed nails you can choose a design from adeliciakaya.blogspot.com or make one up yourself and I will make it for you.
The contest is:

Post a photo of YOUR nails [ a pretty one with a cool design on it]

*You need a proof that its your hand(s)
 so write your blogspot/google user name on a piece of paper and show it on the photo.
*Make a blog of my event about it.
*Tell me why you should win.

May the best one win.

here are a couple of pictures of nails i've done
[not much but my camera was lost :l  I found It like yesterday]
 Contest Ends 
18 februari 2011
Goodluck sweeties!
 Cute polka dot
 Cute drama dots
Pink Flow

Dot madness (:

French manicure with rhinestones allmost allover

one of my own personal favorite the chanel with
pink zebra stripes and pink & clear rhinestones
The what I call chinese flower nails.
Their just adorable!!
Oh yeah it might look a little messy but remember these are my own nails. Its much easier to the nails of somebody else.. the nails I did wich were not on my hands looked a lot better.. And I have more tools now so...

There yah go!


  1. Thanks for letting em know about this giveaway :3
    I'll try to come up with something soon :3

  2. good job kaya still doing like this u'll be a big smarth girl.


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