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-Marilyn Monroe

IMPERFAITE GIVE AWAY - Leopard chiffon blouse


All you have to do is Like the Imperfaite page and share the link above ^ on your own wall
Every friend of yours who enters the give away earns you 1+ entry extra.

More share's more chance


Imperfaite First Collection!

Imperfaite's first collection came out!
soon for sale on their website!

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MUCH LOVE! muwah!

Imperfaite: YOU SAY IT!

Imperfaite: YOU SAY IT!: THIS WEEKEND Imperfaite will bring out it's first Sneak for the assortment so you should check it out and you can contact me for more information about what imperfaite is etc.

and your waiting will be worth it!
 only the xoxo
Sorry sorry sorry a thousand times for beeing unactive here but i'm working on my website called www.imperfaite.nl and i'm busy with all those things because i dont want to rush it so that is kinda the awnser towards the people asking '' hmm where did she go :') '' and much much muchhhh homework i'm almost done with my trainee job and then i will be having exams!! *YAAAAY* (not)
anyways plz help me with choosing my font for my header logo & all the ideas for my logo are soooooo welcome because i cant really get to something pretty
the name is Imperfaite & i would loveeee a letter logo so if someone has nice ideas please just let me know:
this is the link for the picture where i show the name in different fonts plzzzz chose one when you read this it will cost you maybe 1 minute or less
and the person who votes on the font that wins in the end will get a nice accessoire from my jewelry brand!!
Thank you sooooosooooosooooo much!
& sorry again
only the xoxo


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