We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe
Sorry sorry sorry a thousand times for beeing unactive here but i'm working on my website called www.imperfaite.nl and i'm busy with all those things because i dont want to rush it so that is kinda the awnser towards the people asking '' hmm where did she go :') '' and much much muchhhh homework i'm almost done with my trainee job and then i will be having exams!! *YAAAAY* (not)
anyways plz help me with choosing my font for my header logo & all the ideas for my logo are soooooo welcome because i cant really get to something pretty
the name is Imperfaite & i would loveeee a letter logo so if someone has nice ideas please just let me know:
this is the link for the picture where i show the name in different fonts plzzzz chose one when you read this it will cost you maybe 1 minute or less
and the person who votes on the font that wins in the end will get a nice accessoire from my jewelry brand!!
Thank you sooooosooooosooooo much!
& sorry again
only the xoxo


  1. congrats on your new website :3
    As for your font, I vote for: Cambria :) Mostly because it looks tall and slender, not too wide and spaced apart compared to the others ;)

    Thanks so much for your comment <3

  2. btw, my email:



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