We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

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I decided to make another blog entry.
Well I have something to share.
Like 5 days ago, me and my boyfriend
were shopping for new bedroom accessoires.
We really enjoyed us but after walking trough almost
the whole city we got tired and got our asses at the
path to home.While we were passing some bushes
I saw something little sitting in the bushes it was like all furry
and it was looking at us.While I were like ahww cute and stuff.
I saw the little bird was hurt so i looked at my boyfriend
and asked him to catch the little bird for me
as he tried to catch the bird I tried to call my mother.
[she is really good with animals and helped alot animals]
when she picked up the phone she told me she would
try to come as soon as possible to me when she arrived
she looked at the bird and said it was just a little sick.
a couple of minutes later the birds mother arived on a tree.
and my mother told us we could better leave them together now.
while we were leaving my mom told me she would go check
every hour and after 2 hours every 4.
The bird is now getting well and fit and is still alive.
-oxox Adelicia Kaya

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