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-Marilyn Monroe

cute polkadot!

Isnt it just adorable?! Well If enough people comment at it and ask me for a tutorial.
Till then I'll just tell what I have done.. and oh I forgot to photograph my basecoat but that is just some cheap one from the Hema a really small shop what has clothes ,a small announcement of food , Office stuff & make up and such.. The other nail polishes I used are Nailstar black and the pink one [none of them have a special name so I just named it by colour] well
I offcourse started with 2 layers base coat [ I like to use 2 thin ones than 1 fat one , looks better] then I used the cute glitter nailpolish of clubbing colours and then I started to the real deal... I added a pink french manicure also 2 layers for an extra pink effect caus after the black dots the pink smile line must still be very catchy so after I went to work with my home made dotting pen wich I'd show you how to make one yourself in another blog tomorrow or something... well lets continue I'd apply'd the polka dots THEN a topcoat and voila!
Must love this!...
xoxo Ciaoo<3
only the xoxo


  1. I love polka dots and glitter! :) great combination! <3

    nice! you live in an attic? sounds pretty cool :)
    ah.. hm.. that won't really work for the cork board organizer huh... ><
    Sorry about that :( Hopefully I can come up with another idea later that you might like :P

  2. yes i live in an attic just moved from my old room to the attic 'll upload some photo's of it soon & I like it too i have 2 brand new designs comming up one with pink glitter & zebra stripes and one basass & cute one well talk to you later

  3. I don't really know much bout nails but I can surely appreciate beautiful nails and this is just so pretty!

    by the way, to answer your question, you can find the holiday earrings on Amazon.com but I got them for a $1 here in Los Angeles Fashion District.


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