We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

Mascara Brands

_____________________________________________________________________ I've been looking for the best mascara recently and i've tested the mascara's: _______________________________________________________________
Maybelinne Pulse perfection 6,5ml €18,99 It gives a great volume.It's great for when your in a hurry quick dry.With this mascara my lashes got the length I desired for a long time only they got gorgeous & perfect long only my lashes looked too thin thats definitly something I didn't like and kinda pricey but if you use it as base and after applying 2 layers its definitly worth the money caus you will get those beautifull real thick and long lashes you allways wanted [ after you apply as 3th layer a cheap mascara with a thicker brush] I rate it a 9,5 ____________________________________________________________ Rimmel London Volume flash 8ml €8,00 I accually hate it.Its fine when its allmost dried up for a first layer but its too.I am very sweet to my mascaras and clean the screw lids properly but It dried up real fast so those 8 ml are woth nothing. I would like to say €8,00 is way to expensive.! I'd rate it a 3 __________________________________________________________ L'OrĂ©al paris Double extention 2x 6ml €16,49 I just totaly love it and I got it at the market in the Netherlands for €7,00 It gives my lashes EVERYTHING i've allways wanted It might sound weird but It gives Long & Thick lashes so that works perfect for me i'd like to give it a 10! __________ Catrice Volume stylist 8ml €3,49 The one on the right [the purple one] Its not my thing & the mascara is too thin but it sepperates the lashes perfectly only the thin mascara ruins it a bit it would be much better if the mascara was a little bit thicker then the lashes wouldnt stick together after separating so freaking pretty. I'd give it a 7 ________ Catrice allround mascara 12ml €2,49 The left/red one. I love that mascara it allways gives my lashes a finishing touch but sometimes when I forget my other mascara it gives my lashes also a big & thick look it gives my lashes a full and thick looking effect I would like to give it a 8.5 [ couldnt choose between a 8 & a 9 hihi] And the big winner is: Loreal Paris Double Extention €16,49 I think I speak for everyone who has tried this mascara that it gives your lashes everything it needs and get off easily I just LOVE IT.I allways put on 2 layers and after those when my lashes are dried I use the catrice allround mascara for a finishing gorgeous thick & long finishing touch! Totaly worth the money! Soon I will show you how to give yourself the false lash effect using cheap mascaras and the diffrence with other mascara's wich are expensive. You'd love it!

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