We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

This is me.

Hey guys, I was thinking while checking out my pictures. That you dont know ANYTHING about me. well about me and my boyfriend but thats it. so I decided to tell you some more ''Warning'' If you are not interested in my life story then you'd rather not wanna read this; Its like this; I'm a girl born on 2 june 1994 (what makes me 16 now .. almost 17) I live in Holland/The Netherlands and I totally adore nail art and everything around it. Also my hobbies are photographing , drawing , designing.... practicly just anything that you can call creative... I reall love my boy friend with my whole heart who lives with me in my dads house almost since the day we met... it was love at first sight I can tell you. We've been together since 18 februari 2010 and still happy together with no regrets and such. Mom is crazy (in a real good way) and i love her for what she is we have been trough so much together now and with her i can handle everything (My boyfriend is that person to me too ) I can laugh with her and cry with her we can go shopping and look at boys (UNTIL I MET STIJN .. i am brave i can tell you) and she was almost like my bf . My dad is very nice. He only thinks everyone is too so sometimes he needs to be a bit stronger to other people. He is really the best dad in the world and he cares alot about us and tries to give us what we want & what we off course need. My boyfriend. Stijn, Is someone really special to me he is allways there for me and so romantic and he has gorgeous eyes !! hihi he is just perfect for me he only wouldnt see it himself .. he thinks he is ugly :S and looks like trash while he is fuckinn hoott :S well i have that problem sometimes too so i cant tell him he isnt allowed to say that.. Well my brothers ziggy en nesta can be soooooo sweet but are soooo irritating i was sleeping yesterday ( i live on an attic) and my brother who sleeps 1 floor under me was like screaming (to Modern warfare :l ) yelling at people trough a microphone so that kills me sometimes.. but if i need them to keep a secret they can be the sweetest. I think they just miss mom sometimes.. they lisent better to my mother... I have 3 brothers ; Ziggy , Nesta , Ky-mani. Ky-mani is the youngest and a half brother he is half Dutch & Half ''Cabo'' He doesn't live with us caus the ''state'' has replace it in another family thanks to some neightbours LYING and telling others my mother beats us up ( we dont even live with her we live @ my dads) so thats already a lie. But we see him 2 times each month so i'm okay with that. my mother and father are no longer together anymore and my father is single and my mom lives together with her ''new'' man ( Ky-mani's father left my mother when she was pregnant while they were together and they wanted ky-mani so i hate that guy , glad she is happy now) (ky-mani is 1 year old now and ziggy & nesta are 13&12) well here is a little picture my so called family portrait... kay from above left to right.. My dad , my boyfriend, mom , ziggy , nesta , (a friend of my moms ''boyfriend'' ) Me and my moms man. && a picture of ky-mani (ziggy and nesta bought him a big bear wich was bigger than himself wich looked quite funny.. ) well i guess that was it... Any questions? well... you know how to comment ;) Comment

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  1. big family =) must be fun! It must be also nice to have your boyfriend live with you when your 16, that's nutts!


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