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2 meal dinner

2 meal menu.
What you need for this 5 person 2 meal dinner.
i didnt show the meat caus i'm a vegetarian and i didnt made it and dont know how my dad does this meat so i suppose you should pick your own meat.
  • 4 tomatoes
  • 400 gr dwarf french beans
  • 1500 gr of small potatoes
  • Feta cheese ( as much as you like )
  • 6 black olive's
  • 15 green olive's
  • 2 big onions
  • Baking butter
  • Olive oil
  • 1 1/2 spoon of lemon juice (YELLOW NOT GREEN)
  • 2 paprika ( Red & Green is a tasty combo )
  • 1 and a half cucumber
Greek salad with green olive's
Cut 1 cucumber horizontal in half and then cut all small slices of +/- 1 cm off.
and half a cucumber in big parts with the skin still on for a fresh tast you'll ad this at the last.
as done in my picture
Then you should add the 2 paprika's & 2 tomatoes (i dont have a picture of the tomatoe caus you cut it in almost the same way ) and cut them first in half then in four and then you should clean them an take all the white softs parts out. make sure the seeds are out, it aint tasty haha.
then cut small strokes and cut those in 3 as seen on the pictures. you should get something like this:
Now you take the 15 green olive's
( mine have pieces of paprika as a filling and are SEEDLESS)
Cut the olive in half like seen on my picture and throw them along with the rest.
It should look a bit like my picture the 3th one.
Now you take the feta cheese
You cut 1cm thick slices like seen on the picture here and take the slices and cut them in small pieces as small/big as you like.
add the tomatoe and the onion in as big parts as you want.
I didnt made pictures of that caus the perfect size aint nessecary and you can pick your own size and after adding the last parts of cucumber this is what it should like before it goes on your plate.
add a big of dressing & 1 1/2 eat spoon of lemon juice and 4 spoons of olive oil.
Bon apetit.
Now the big dinner.
Clean the beans by cutting the ends off ( if you dont have the dwarve beans just cut them in half like i did.) here are some pictures for you guys if you dont understand what i mean.
cook them until their ready i cant tell how long it should take caus it depends on your stove.
Now you cut the 2 tomatoes as shown here in parts.
and the only picture the black olives are on is this one so 'll just tell you.
you take 6 seedless olives and cut them in 3 they should have a hole in the middel now.
Now drain the water from the beans and let them cool down.
while cooling down you just cook the potatoes
with anything you want i dont really have an instruction for this caus i've done the salt & basil by taste so you should do that too. ( a bit of pepper tastes great too)
at last you add everything on a plate and bon a petit at your second , last and big meal.
(dont forget a dessert )
For a great tasty desert you should check my tutorials caus soon there will be much on it ;)
I feel like cooking
tomorrow i'm making yummy wrap table with bowls of cucumber , paprika , chicken , banana and much more sweet things so stay tuned every tuesday and wednessday i'm cooking so you can expect an delicious dinner you can make yourself easily.
I served the salad in little bowls.
then i served the final dinner on a big flat plate.
It really looked professional and we all liked it very much.
I hope you will like it.
byebye !
(here are the final food pictures)
If you make it please make a picture for me i would love to hear how you liked it and see how you made it


  1. Wow! that looks incredible and a lot of work!!!


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