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Jewerly Mini Haul

Hey guys yesterday I sold my first selfmade bracelet for 5 euro's to a friend of my dads I couldnt picture it i liked it so much that i'd went downstairs to show my dad and the moment his friend saw hit i immideatly wanted to buy it so i tought lets invest these 5 euro's for a couple of new necklaces wich i can break down and use the beads for new necklaces ( i also buy beads in the special beads shop but the shop is closed until 20th of march and i need a couple of stuff to make all my bracelets wich only need some slots and rings :l so that sucks but) i bought these necklaces and it hurts breaking them, their accualy a bit cute haha but nonono that aint investing i need to break them down :s ( I also bought a couple of earrings for myself to wear wich are cute cute cute :3 These earrings i'd decided to keep their too cute to break :D All the necklaces were one euro each. The earrings were 1,30 euro's wich is 1,82 dollar. byebye! Comment

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  1. aw.. did you get to take a picture of your bracelet you sold? :p
    the earrings look so cute <3


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