We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe


Hey chickitaa's!
I've been wondering what to write about the latest days and i've just figured out what i was longing for all the time. to get my shhhhhht together and try to figure out what i would be wanting to do later as a job,,, *pampamnpammmm* and i've still havent chose yet. My school teacher was telling me i could go to an art acadamy or somthing what has to do with fashion wich i totaly would loovee but i love the graphic design too! soo i will be going to the grafisch lyceum wich seem fun too only soo same same as my normal school. and oh i've wanted your opinion about wich slogan I will be using for AdeliciaKaya webshop/site before you vote think about that it has to do something with graphic design ,fashion, Baby Bijoux Jewelry and some accessoires!
Making your dreams possible
(As in that anything is possible)
We give the final touch
( as the title says)
We define beauty.
One step closer to perfection.
So just comment below wich one you like the most and think that is fittable.
Just stay in touch for my website.
My baby is working on it!!
& oh thanks for the hardcore readers who never stopped reading while I was kinda ''away'' from blogger.
thanks for that my loves!
So so so much love for you all!
& I have plannings for this weekend , I will let you know before Friday!
(HINT; it will be a new tutorial!!!!)
Soon a GIVE AWAY FROM BABY BIJOUX keep an eye on the baby bijoux blogger for more information! http://baby-bijoux.blogspot.com/
Sorry for all the sub links but all the baby bijoux jewelry will be sold on the adelicia kaya website
I will let you know and keep you up to date!!!!!!

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