We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

Day one/Rip Snuffie♥

Adelicia Kaya ♥ Stijnoviech
Stijn my boyfriend had to leave for 3 days
starting today,accually i never tought i would miss someone that badly.
I love him so much but i think things need to change in our relation ship like..
that i dont need to get very mad that fast,its ridiculous he doesnt deserve such mean things...
I am feeling a bit better now because he is on msn messenger right now and we are camming.
i dont know but were all like talking only about howmuch we miss eachother. well i knew something weird was going to happen or something cause out of the blue he first wanted to show me a little baby rabbit but then he came back like half crying caus his brothers guinea pig died. it was called Snuffie.I feel a little bad caus i did not knew what to say when he told me snuffie died so i just try to react like ahww and such caus i was like affraid to say something wrong.
But almost right after he told me snuffie died I was like shit I gotta go I promised my grandmom to eat dinner at her house.But i waited a couple of minutes but after 15 minutes i decided to call him, so i did first of all i got his mom on the phone she was a little sad over the situation then I asked her to leave a message but Stijn was around so she passed the phone to him and I told him i was goin now.when i arrived with my dog Marley and we've finished eating it was already like 7 pm.I was bored ,first I made some accessoires but it got frustrating after a half an hour and i turned on the computer and starting to write the rest of the blog.I called Stijn and I felt al warm inside while calling with him,he finally showed me the cutest rabbit on earth it was soo cute and fuzzy.well while I was on the phone with him we kept telling eachother how muchmore we love eachother at last I wanted to say.were both going to bed so goodnight & here are a couple of things I miss
the world is so lonley when you live together and someone needs to leave for a couple of days
My bed feels so empty and I just want him to hold me and play with my hair as I fall asleep in his arms goodnight bloggers
goodnight&sweetdreams to my love Stijnoviech♥
ttyl guys!
xox~ Adelicia Kaya♥ Stijnoviech

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  1. hey babe <3

    This blog made me :

    and fap

    Jk jk

    its really cute thoooo,

    So ye,the story is kinda sadly

    Cuz we:

    miss each other
    this is day one of three
    and snuffie died.

    i just made his grave. and we said him goodbye,

    I hope he RESTS IN PEACE

    normally, genuine pigs die at 3\4 yrs old.
    Snuffie was 7;)

    so its ok. he's sleeping right now without pain.

    So baby, i really miss you. i hope its thursday soon



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