We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

Friends & Love, I need them like oxygen.

First of all [when I was in bed yesterday night].when I was in bed i could only think of him and how much I missed him.
When I only was thinking of his name I felt warm inside.He made me hugging my pillow and wishing it was him
The first time I woke up today was even early for a school day. I woke up at half 6 am thanks to the musquito's everywe
re .Everytime I looked for the goddamn musquito's but they seemt to dissappeared.Well I took like 3 more shots to sleep then I gave up.I turned on the computer checkt my phone for new messages or missed calls... None.After tweeting & chatting on msn messenger for a couple of minutes I gave myself to the sandman and I went to bed and fell asleep.Out of the blue my boyfriend called me but I was like half sleeping so
I told him about the musquito's and asked if he could call back later so he did... 2 times,the second time I finally fully woke up and I felt a lot better.After calling for like an hour I was thirsty and grabbed a drink from
the refrigerator what was Rivella what is a drink with natural extracts
as i poured my Rivella in a glass
I noticed that I was drinking Rivella for almost 2 days
now and nothing else not even water.
It was weird
to notice something like that but i'm weird so I DID notice it.
well lets get back to the point
A couple of hours later A friend of mine Chantal perfer Tally came over caus
I asked her yesterdaylike hey wont you come over
tomorrow we can shoot some pictures.
So she did.After we finished photographing
we drank some Rivella and she went back home.
I had dinner at my grandmother
house again and I
must say that I really adoré her cooking skills.after having dinner
I started writing a bit of my day story.
Round about a quarter past nine my boyfriend came online and we
talked a bit.He started talking like
hey why didnt you text me . [he was at the cinema]and I told him I did
not wanted to disturb him.
then he was like but I asked you to and he said it in a very mean way.
Then he was like I think the p
is like a but slutty [ he did not really said slutty but it felt like he ment that.
I felt sad like badly he couldnt stop
beeing mean at that time and it just doesnt felt right after a minute or two
he said nvm i'll stop talking
cause everything I say is wrong to you.I still feel bad about this
situation but i told him to forget it
but i couldnt forget it... not yet but 'll keep trying.
I'll forgive him caus not all man are the smart humans
if it goes to emotional pain.
here are some pictures of tod
ay and I hope you also liked this blog.
This picture is the picture me and my boyfriend
were talking about.
-oxox Adelicia Kaya

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