We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe
Hey !
I didnt had time to post a blog these last days
I have loads of time now, what is kinda weird.
well i dont know where to start.
anyhow,everything got a lot better after
my boyfriend came back from his mother
wellmy boyfriend kinda changed, but in a good way.
I dont know why or how but things got a lot better.
We kinda got rid of the rediculous fights wich were
even forgotten after having the figh.
So i am glad we both changed that.
beside that not much changed
but the fucking weirdest thing happend this evening
1. I fxcking started cleaning my room out of nothing like YEAH!
2. I organized a little too much things for my real own habits
3. Feeling damn strange like a little bit disorientated.
well its kinda weird I could not stop thinking if i should
paint my finger nails or not
-oxox Adelicia Kaya

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