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-Marilyn Monroe

St. Nicholas

Happy St. Nicholas everyone! I had a real great day and for the people who dont know what St. Nicholas day is in the Netherlands.Its almost like christmass only with another legend who gives candy and visit houses with bags of presents and gives children alot of presents and its allways on the 5th of december. How ever ... I'm getting of my subject. It are the people who accualy buy these presents but the parents and such try to keep it a secret for the children... well.. Today was St. Nicholas day and I got an really loveley silver bracelet of st nicholas (my boyfriend) and I also got an eye liner , an bath salt , some sweet cocos lotion ,nail files and a lot of candy!!!! and not to forget an super cute new purple nailpolish!!!! Dont you just love this day?!?!? Well I hope you had an good day too!!! xoxo Me


  1. Sounds like such a good day! I wish we celebrated days like that! lol. :) xx


  2. how awesome <3
    The only time I get tons of candy is on Halloween :P
    Happy St. Nicholas to you! :)


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