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Cute drama dots

Drama dots
is what I like to call them
I saw this nails somewere I totaly forgot were!(the one in the picture are MINE)but if the real creator sees this plz mail me so I can put your credits here caus y
ou were my inspiration! anyhow check it out!!
From right to left the begin to the end.
Things I used.
  • Random topcoat
  • Coty Paris from Miss sporty.
  • White polish from Nail Star.
  • Pastel Pink from Nail Star.
  • Yellow Rhinestones.
  • Nail drill from Babyliss.
  • Old fake nails.
  • BYB nail glue.
  • A dotting pen.
  • Randon Top coat
Dont forget: you can allways use other tools or colours if you like!
Step 1 :
Smoothen & shape your nails till its not a thick nail like nails allways
are.And after the good shaping and filing the nails thinner you apply the false nail.
This is how the false nail should look like when its cleaned with the file:
(if you dont use false but real nails you should just file your nails into the shape you like.)
Step 2 :
Apply the nude colour as thick or thin as you want to:
Step 3 :
Apply the pink smile line and if you use nail star you need to apply at least 2 layers to get a full shining colour.
( use a piece of tape for an perfect straight smile line in case if your hand is shaky)
Apply the white dots & the Yellow rhinestoned and have an great day with your loveley nails.
Ps; this is my nail file drill I reaaally adore!
Its so handy and fast and its totally an product of my whole life I would reccomend!!!
BUT not everyone thinks the same so dont buy it becaus I love it!
Well i hope you really loved the design as much as I do!!
And dont forget to leave a message with your opinion about this design
I have a lot of designs waiting for you guys but I just want a little more followers caus I would have more respond/tips and such and yes I do still need that!!
well much love..
only the xoxo


  1. Forgot to say, great tutorial by the way! I love how you did all the steps on one hand!xx

  2. Great nails! I love them!



  3. aww thanks for letting me know when you posted this up! :)
    I like the design :3 so pretty <3
    Where did you get your nail drill? :3 I noticed it comes with different heads?

  4. how cute! :P your grandmother must be very good with nails? :p
    I might be a look out for that when I go shopping next time then :P
    Thanks so much for your good luck wishes! :)
    any fun plans for the holiday season?


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