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-Marilyn Monroe

New stuff!

I got some brand new things!!!!
I am soo happy my father let me buy these things on the internet!!
I got the konad nail art set , the special acrylic nail clipper, the 2 empty nail art weels 1 of them I already used the left one on the picture with small flower nail art's animal slices and other cute stuff the otherone is with fruit slices now and oh not to forget my nail art brushes I totally love them got them on ebay for like €3,99 so its a loveley price for so much good brushes and 1 small dotting pen! I just love it!!!!!!!!
Well soon 'll be doing my first konad nail art nails and I will be showing you hopefully you will love it! well so far i like these things and I will be having my acrylic set & my false nails deliverd soon... well I wish you all a nice weekend farther and have a good day
&nd oh:


  1. Such a nice father :3
    Reminds me to take out my Konad! :p

    Oh and I want to see your spot that looks like a chanel logo! :P


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