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recycle your old jewerly/beads to nail art decorations

Hey Ladies
Here is a tutorial about how to make your own cute nail art supplie out off ould jewerly or beads you dont use.
The things you need is :
* Nails real or fake doesn't matter
(If you use a fake nail to practise on and you dont have such a fake finger to practise on you can glue a tooth pick on the back of the fake nail, let it dry and have your own good hold of it)
* Old jewerly or broken jewerly
(Like the things I used old broken bracelet pieces & Beads i never used caus their too small)
(choose what kind of yourself)
* Nail glue
(I used BYB bond nailglue)
Pictures of the things I used click to view them bigger!!
The decorations
the colours I used
The lovers / paillettes
the whole package
The nails!
The first nail !!
Step one.
apply a base coat and then the colour you like. I used this nude/pinkish colour from miss sporty wich I used in my other nail ''tutorials'' called coty paris for an cute and still a kinda nude nail look.
Step two.
Apply some glue on a 1 cm rhinestone [you can apply a smaller one if you like] and a paillet/lover as seen in one of the pictures also with some glue.
Step three.
glue the whole nail and use the small silver beads now to put the ''sparkle'' on. wait like 3 minutes for it to dry.
Step four.
apply some glue on the nails & then the blue round / silver / white beads [you pick the colour yourself I used blue to hold on to one same colour] dont forget to add an bead on the lover/paillette to hide the hole wich is in the paillette.
Step five.
add a darker blue decoration [ i used the round blue one] IF YOU LIKE!!.
Finishing touch.
Add a topcoat and voila you have your own home decorated cute 3d nails
[ the black nails are done at the same way at these only with other colours if you'd like to have some more information you can leave a message with your email inside it or just cotact me!!


  1. This is a great post! I love the 3d nails! In fact I think your blog is so cute, if you follow mine Ill follow yours!

  2. that's a really good idea! :) I'll have to gather some bits and pieces then :p


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