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Winter Trends

Hey its Adelicia Kaya and I hope you all are doing very well and I am pleasuring you by writing these things. anyways I became kinda a reader of fashion magazines lately and I found some cool stuff that I would want to share with you lady's.Als first I want to talk about the nail trent for this winter. I found out that for almost every women goodlooking manicure nails are a total musthave! Taupe/beige colours are totaly THE colour of the summer of 2010 & of the winter. Nails & ....Lips? The french nail is still one of the favorite but the colours for this winter are gold & Plum red.
Also this winter it will be a must to adept your lip colour to your nails so if your using goldish nail polish you should think of
The names:
The first is the MAC to pamper lipstick
The second is the MAC chili lipstick
The third is the MAC Plumfull lipstick
are light taupe colours wich have a kinda goldish colour so that will be the colour I would go for in this care. well with the plum/bordeaux red colour I would chose a matte brown orange red-ish colour.The lipsticks I chose to match this colours are from mac and they both cost US$14.50 as seen above
Winter... Brrrr
well this party season we are seeing much gold colours on nails & LIPS.
but it is not allways the case that you need to addept your lips to your nails if you have the plum/bordeaux red nails you might get off better with an natural look , no lipstick a bit of blush and not to forget your lashes , some good mascara to define your face!You can find these colours in the collection of Chanel, but also in the M.A.C. (Like Rougemary ) This colours are very chic, stylish and modern at the same time, isn't it a must have !?
From summer to winter.
Taupe is a colour that is definitly brought back in to the winter season.Its all about grey/beige teints wich are excellent with an goldish teint for an incredible glamour look!If you use this on your face you should leave your nails with a good manicure and give it just an naked colour like this nail polish from MAC Earthly harmony wich costs $13,00. & Don't forget the gold colours especially this one from chanel called Gold fiction, I couldnt find the price sorry but its probably kinda pricey the others were almost all $30 so I hope its worth it and as shown on the picture.. dont you just love it!?!?
Well that was it for today I want to thank you all for reading this caus I hope I dont write this if nobody reads it (: Well See you tomorrow. & If your not following DONT FORGET TO FOLLOW to avoid missing some news or anything fun !!!


  1. im loving nude colour for nails at the moment, and shades of brown. i dont usually go with the current trend for nail colours, cos i really just don on any colour that matches my mood @ that particular moment. that gold colour u've got on is really striking, but not very suited for asian 'yellowish' skin, so i seldom try on gold colours.

    haha when i 1st saw that MAC snapshot, i thot it was foundation of sth. then i read on, & realized it's nail laquer! i didnt noe MAC had nail colours. not sure if the MAC counter here in melb carries their nail laquer range? gotta check it out soon! lovely shade =)

    p.s. did u make those heartshaped sandwiches for ur partner for ur 10 mths together? n greek salad sounds yummmmm!

    love, mica

  2. Gold's perfect for this season! :3
    Thanks for sharing! <3


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