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Nails of the day

Hey ladies!!!
my nails didnt rest for a long time from nail polishes and nail glue so I'd decided to let them rest but I just couldnt when this design came up in my head but I'll promis you that after this design 'll let my nails rest and I will give the reviews of products some try but here is a question...
what you think of my recent nails wich you can see at the top of this post I needed to let my nails rest a bit caus before this I had my cute drama dots on with fake nails so I had to cut my own gorgeous medium lenght nails the cute drama dots nails were just plastic nails and I used good glue but they stay'd on for almost 1 week while the nail package said that it lasts up to seven days so i guess i took good care.... now I want your opinion!!!
are you having false nails at the moment?
did you do them yourself?
Are they polish less and are they resting then what was the design you had the last time.
Just tell me some cool stuff about your nail mood at the moment.
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  1. your nails look cute!
    My nails are short do you know any tricks on how to make them grow faster?

  2. Cute nails :3 I like the flower sticker looking designs :)
    I don't wear false nails :)
    I like to paint my own nails but being pampered at the nail spa wouldn't hurt once in a while :)
    My nails are pretty thin so I always have them polished :) Right now its pink with a layer of glitter on top :P I want to change it to a X'mas theme soon :P

    P.S I'll wait to see your awesome-looking channel mark then! :)


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