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how to let your nails grow faster

Heeyy ladiess.
How are you all I hope you are doing soo good.
Well I am doing an request today, Beauty bow
asked me If I could help her with tricks to grow her nails faster!
and guess what I could find / know a few!
But there are 3 things you need:
Manicuring supplies
Nail-toughener polish
Vitamin D Supplements
Here are a couple of tricks/tip
Increase your blood flow to your
fingers by doing daily activities
that push the blood into your fingers
fingers, such as typing, playing the piano
of filing.
Increase the protein in your diet
by drinking protein shakes or milk
or eating more lean meat.
You also can take a vitamin D supplement daily
Stay in a warm climate or wear gloves
to keep your hands warm at all times.
This will increase the blood flow
and stimulate growth.
Apply a layer of nail toughener
or nutrient-filled polish weekly.
For faster growth, apply a layer nightly.
Give yourself regular manicures and
pedicures or go to a professional for
regular treatments.
File in only one direction, so
the nail tip isn't weakened and prone to cracking. Hope you enjoy'd !
and stay tuned lady's


  1. Thanks for the tips
    I will definitely try them!!

  2. ou, UR blog is amazing ! :P
    i like it !
    more more !!

    if U want follow me and write comment ;**



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