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Yummy Apple recipe Tutorial!

tee hee (:
Told you I wouldnt dissapoint you again!!
I know I told you I was sick but I was kidding to make it all up I tought to blog it up and give you the sweet tasting apple recipe.
Its really easy and quick to do yet so yummy!
Hope you'll enjoy!
You will need:
* an apple <3
* a bowl
* apple ''piercing tool'' (the weird thing in my hand)
* knife
&nd thats it! ^^
Step 1:
Skin the apple and make sure you had every spot.
( watch your hands & NAILS if you are working with an instrument like me )
(didn't named it caus I didnt knew the name , the first person who can tell me the ENGLISH name of i will sponsor for a week with a picture & name @ sidebar!)
Step 2:
Remove the apple's ''heart'' with the special apple ''piercing'' instrument.
(and again sorry for beeing dutch & my crappy english :P )
Tip: be carefull and when the apple is half pierced you should check if the bottom of the apple will be deleted correctly If so you can push it farther if not you should push more to the side of the heart of the apple!
Step 3:
Cut the whole apple vertical into two pieces like seen on my photo.
then you make pieces like mine there by laying 1 piece with the part where the heart was to the table and cut small slices of it or thicker if you like.
When done you put them all in the bowl/container.
1 2
3 4
Step 4:
1 Apply the canelle on it (CARE FULL) you dont want to eat dust.
2 Then put your hand over the bowl (or anything else wich fit all over)
3 Put the sugar on it just as much as you'd like
4 again put your hand over the bowl and shake it a bit just until its mixed up with the canelle.
Bon appetit ladies!

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