We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

Diva's Secrets

Hey this is a quick one caus I'm feeling sick I'm going to do the yummy fruit tutorial tomorrow sorry to let you wait but to make it up to you I WILL write something and it isss... all about nails again.
These are a diva's secret to be high class its a must to take care of everything.
White teeth,beautifull perfect make up,clothes that fit you right and a good skin ,foot & nail care!
Well thats too much so I'd tought lets start with nails caus most people forget to get their nails cleaned when the polish start to get off.
thats something you really wanna do , If the polish gets off you fill it in orrrr..... Get it off!
You really want to make sure your nails and hands look shiney not blurry. It make you look young & like you CARE about nails caus your hands are your card the hands Is one of the things thats importand and so a must that it looks good, almost EVERY women who likes beauty looks to another womens nails! And so you need to make sure your nailpolish looks good or just your hands and some nude nails are okay but make sure you take good care of it!.
Half done nails look as bad as when your mascara is running down your face.
Not good right
so it is a must you take care of your hands to look fresh!

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