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-Marilyn Monroe

Cute Plaid Nails

Hey girls!
I tought I'd share some cute nails with you.
And you can see the design above, its really cute!
I didn't made these myself but I will SOON! VERY SOON!
I know I didnt did what I promised the last 3/4 days but imma gonna make it up to you,
Today round about 5:30 pm you will get a really tasty & healthy fruit recipe from me!
So I hope you ''STAY TUNED'' and see it later.Okay,I'm getting off my subject.
okay, back ^^ . There are these nails I wanted to share with you,
I bought them and they were really expensive but they accually came with some rhinestone's
& a orange stick so its like your ready & need nothing more (there was a good pink glue included)
only it was really expensive it was 11,00 Euro's wich I think thats expensive.
Most of the times my nails IF I buy them They are from 5,00 - 8,00 So that is much cheaper.
and again, SORRY FOR NOT POSTING THE EXTRA POST YESTERDAY but as I promised ,THIS IS THE EXTRA POST, I wanted to post it yesterday but forgot to publish it after writing it . really stupid I know...I am really sorry.But I hope that this makes it all okay.
when I'll do these nails, I will make a tutorial for you guys so you can make it yourself too!!
How's that ?
I hope you like these nails and that you forgive my mistakes.
Well, I hope you will enjoy and dont forget the yummy dessert recipe tonight!

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