We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

Shopping time !

First of all I want to appologize for not posting yesterday , I was feeling sick so I've been watching movies the whole day in my bed :) but I'll make It up to you,
today 'll post not only this one, but a SECOND POST!
To reward the ladies who were looking for a new post yesterday,
well ..
from right to left, nivea nutri cashmere hair repair mask for shiney hair (L)
then the make up brushes wich i got for 1,95 and are really handy
Just some bobbypins from looking good for only 0,49 cents!
the cute little bag i bought for my christmass diner on school wich was 1,99 from looking good.
the catrice little cute eye cream container wich was 2,99!
the cure earrings wich you probably saw before caus I have them in blue too! they are 0,99 cents!
The cute flower wich I bought to accessorize my hair with!
and not to forget a great offer to try some catrice matte powder for over a foundation for a good matte look for only 2,00 euro's!
Just love to shop <3
did you girls bought some cute stuff recently?
tell me and share sale's at stores with eachoter I know that much stores have sale's now so lets share sale's with eachother!!!
Andd ladyss:

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