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How to prep your nails tutorial

How to prep your nails in a good/carefull way!
So how are you doing lady's?
ass the title says this will be an tutorial about how to prepare your nails & apply nail polish one of the right ways!
I'm not saying this is how EVERYONE should do it I'm just saying it is one of the right ways you SHOULD do it caus this way you will be a bit more carefull with your nails and they will be much more protected against nail damage
Remove the nail polish.
Take off old color with acetone polish remover on a cotton ball. (Note: Don’t use a tissue, it will fall apart and doesn’t really absorb the remover .)
Cut and file nails to your length of choice. As for shape, there are two main options: square or rounded. And neither form will chip more than the other.I prefer a square shape, its more modern and looks cute
Rest hands in a bowl of warm water for five minutes. Add two tablespoons of a bath powder or your favorite liquid soap to soften nails. Make sure the water’s not too hot or it will dry out your hands and nails. (If you don't have time, you can skip this step.)
Apply cuticle oil or lotion on dry hands to soften rough spots.
Push curticle.
Use a cuticle stick to press cuticles back so they don’t get in the way of the polish. Some people prefer to cut their cuticles. but it’s best not to do this at home.Unless you’re a professional, you’re going to end up with cuts all along the side of your nails.Just push them back and keep it easy.
Exfoliate hands with a body scrub or homemade mixture of olive oil and kosher salt or raw sugar.I prefer sugar becaus you might have little cuts and salt burns into little cuts. Scrub for two to three minutes, then wash thoroughly.
If you have dry hands then apply a rich moisturizer.
I used my palmers cocoa butter formula (: with avec vitamin e.
for rough & dry skin.
Apply a base coat first, then apply two thin coats of polish. My favorite is coty paris from miss sporty . Finish with a top coat and your done.
And voila,
This is what i've done with my nails after preparing them (:
The first one is the first time i attempted to do these acrylic nails, that didnt worked out very well but i think I got what it takes to do acrylic nails now!!
The second one is my recent ones and the second time i did acrylics MYSELF!
I just totally love it!
Have a good day with your beautyfull looking nails


  1. ur 2nd attempt is @ acrylic nails is really successful hun! looks really pretty =) thanks for sharing ur little tips on how to prep the nails for a good coat of colour! im actually fretting @ this moment, cos nails looks yucky! i blame it on my laziness from b4. i didnt let my nails have a rest & just piled on colour after colour. i'm seeing the bad effects now =S

    i like to push back my cuticles too, or just use the tips of my fingernails to 'scratch' them out. i do this with papaw ointment, really helpful. helps to soften the cuticles too. i've not used cuticle oil, but i've been meaning to try! that opi version u have looks good, & easy to apply. might look ard for it @ the mall later. i'll be updating abt the papaw ointment that i'm using for my nails later. it's been sitting in my draft inbox for way too long =) so do visit back soon!

    love, mica

  2. hows a real x'mas tree like? in singapore & in melb, it's always been the fake ones that i've owned. can the real tree be kept for a long time? or do u have to get a new 1 every yr? n y not get the fake 1 since u're allergic to the real tree? haha, apologies for the many qns >_< just curious!

    love, mica

  3. nice! how did you do your right hand? :p


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