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Ginelly got her lip Pierced

Heyy ladiess.
I just wanted to share one more post with you..
you know I pierce people & I do nails and such.
well had someone who wanted her second lippiercing wich together makes a snakebite.
the old piercing was also done by me.
here's a picture of it.
The first one you can see both piercings. the second one I took kinda random when she was smoking.
(it is the right piercing btw (her left one)
Hope you like it...
with love...


  1. ouch!
    looks good though ;)
    I didn't know you knew how to pierce! :P where did you learn?

  2. Not really ''learned'' for it but i just know how to and how not hihi. I just know the needed things.


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