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-Marilyn Monroe

Glitter Glamour Nails

Hey there!
I couldn't find the stupid card :S
but as promised .. THE NAILS!!
I totally love them. their not perfect a little darker spots but its my first time working with Coloured acryl powder so there it is.!!
I used some cute rhinestones, and a cute salmon pink colour.
only the picture is a little bit dark.
Here a picture were you see the real colour but its a little blurry so...
told you its blurry haha.
anyway. I massaged some hand oil on my hands so they shine a bit on the picture you can see this & the ring finger at the curticle part , too shiney for a pic huh :P
well I really hope you liked this!!
and Sorry again but I will find this sd card someday maybe over a week or so but you WILL SEE THIS VIDEO I WORKED SO HARD FOR!!! grrr...
well byebyee


  1. I LOVE YOUR NAILS! I've never see anyone hand something from their nails before, I love it! Great blog!


  2. so cute :)
    sorry to hear about your video :(
    that sux!!! ><


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