We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

please read this.

I really need to dissapoint myself and YOU ladies..
I have the video saved but when I wanted to edit the track under the video. i rememberd it was on my SD card from my camera wich i really cant find but i'm going to clean my room now so if i find it it will be up for tonight ifnot i will have some cool pictures of my new ACRYLIC cute pink nails wich i've done myself. So sorry for dissapointing you but I hope it will make it okay.
Grr.. chaos chaos chaos. I hate it..
& soon you will be having much new things caus I have a post from yesterday wich i didnt published and one from 2 days ago so you will have something today thats a promise.
I were just focussing on this tutorial I mean I needed sooo much time to do this I totally forgot my daily posts to publish them. but maybe Today or tomorrow you will have 2/3 posts to make it okay. now i will be cleaning my room in the hope i find my sd card....
I mean I have 3 of them and only ONE gets lost ... the one i need :S
well see you tonight!

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