We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

GIRL Movie time!

Hey girls.
I've been lazy these days and decided to watch some movies
I have such a wonderfull boyfriend who likes Drama/Romantic movies.
(no he isnt secretly gay, just too cute to believe)
So were having a list now
of movies we wanna see and i'm telling you this because??
Because i will tell you wich movie you really wanna see and wich are totally not that great.
if you would recommend some other movies just tell me
i'd like to see what you all like,
So here is my list for now:
Easy A
The notebook
What a girl wants
Someone like you
Everything you want
A walk to remember..
quite alot right?
well try them
just search the trailers @ youtube ;)
Easy A i saw today (lol that rhymes) and its soooooo romantic and dramatic it almost had me crying and i dont cry fast so its really really heart breaking so people who love romance ,WATCH IT
my rate, 10.0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'll be writing a review tomorrow or the day after tomorrow now 'll be watching more vids.
stay tuned!!
thanks for reading!!

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