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Nail Myths and Facts

Hey girls As you all know i've been learning for beeing a nail styliste (beside piercer) and I came across some interesting facts that might help you with taking care of your own nails. Nail growth FACT During the pregnancy time nails grow faster and in the meno pause slower. Nail growth MYTH That nails would grow faster during the menstruation period is a big myth.Your nails wont grow faster or slower than normal because your body is just doing its normal routine only things a big around your stomach will FEEL & take care of other things than normally its taking out the garbage :) Acrylic Nail Fact Nails only get THINNER by filing them down. Acrylic Nail MYTH That acrylic nails makes your nails thinnger explanation :The natural nail takes more moisture than normally after acrylic nails so they will feel and look thinner. cutting the curticle Fact You need to take care real good while trimming the nails that you wont cut the still living curticle caus the curticle tries to hold bacteries out of your fingers if you remove the curticle there will be nothing left to hold it back. Cutting the curticle MYTH Its a big myth that its nessacary to remove the curticle, its really good for your nails to keep them they make sure that bacteries wont get inside and cause infections. Well as soon as i learn more 'll tell you. Have a nice day!!! Comment

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