We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe


Wake up in the morning feeling a bit tired
Aint got my baby next to me caus he is already gone :l
And i can tell you girls.. me waking up without my babyboo is .... not... good.
Like really really. but i know i will see him within a couple of hours makes me feel much better :)
Anyway I've found a couple of shoes wich I really really like and found on some website while i was blogging that i wanted to share with you.

they are not worn on a good way but definitly cute.

( I REALLY LOVE LEOPRINTED THINGS (: ) These i think are just too cute they
have such a cute front and i love the colour! I wouldnt wear these it aint my style but they are hella cool.
the website of that is on the picture its

I dont really know what i tought about these but they have someting cool ;)
well that was it.
Hope you liked it
and tell me if you sometimes think I LOVE THOSE SHOES but they would look awfull on me..
Dont think too fast like that if you do you will miss a lot of good/cute things ;)


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  1. Thanks for you comment. I actually just posted a super long post about it... I'm ok tho and miraculously my family here are too! Those shoes are so cute, and the Nike pumps are hilarious! I can't believe they made those!


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