We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

Update + HOTD Curls without using heat.

UPDATE ; cant do this untill tomorrow
Hey girls.
How you been?
i've been very very busy making apple pie yesterday
and reading about japan Its very very bad what happend I hope everyone is okay.
If you want to read a bit more you should visit Rilalkumaki's blog about it,she lives in Japan and survived and I'm really glad she did, well enough now Click on her name for the blog.
anyhow ...
I wanted to show you my hair of the day..
my face looks really ugly. i'm tired and sick so i dont wear my make up now and will be making my tutorial tonight caus 'll be doing my curls again and i will make the tutorial ;)
I know it looks stupid and childish to put my hands for my face but i really didnt felt like striking a pose or showing you how awfull i look right now... sorry hihi.
Here you see the little beautyfull curls i made.
Here are the curls..
Well i hope you like it and stay tuned for a tutorial about making curls.
just some cheap home made papilotte's but a bit different.
i hope you check it tonight
tonight i will do them again on WET hair that could probably be better
& i done them before i went to bed and i took them away in the morning
well you'll see what i mean.. for now i'm going to eat this
very yummy vegetarian Filet american and this vegetarian sausage thing
i really dont know the english name for it it is saskian lever sausage i gues....
please tell me the right name..
but look at it
pretty damn good for a veggie huh?
it doesnt look that yummy on screen but it really looks that yummy in reallife hihi
well imma eat now :$ i'm hungry hihi

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