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Hey guys long time no see. Well i have a big story now.. first off all a painfull one.. today i was cycling my bike and i was soo clumsy that while cycling i ride into a street lantern with my foot and now my toes hurt like hell and i think i've broken someting it hurted like hell and my boyfriend and dad couldnt stop laughing.so that was mean and i also have some good new's i've didnt bought a new phone since 4 years now and now i'm getting my blackberry torch wich i really like now. first i hated blackberry but since i've seen the torch i love it (i'm getting myself a white one :3 ) but yeah i suppose i've been throwing around with money now ... 2 months ago i only got 20 euro's a week from my dad that double'd now and + 20 from my grandmother :3 so i'm going from 20 to 60 wich is really really delightfull hahaha anyhow i instantly went shopping after my first payment. check out my outfits!
The vest 15 euro's @ C&A Tshirt 4,95 euro's @ H&M T shirt 13,95 euro's @ Vero moda Skinny jeans 9,95 euro's @ H&M
The dress 12,95 euro's @ Vero Moda Vest 15,00 @ C&A shirt 6,95 @ C&A Jeans 20,00 @ Vero Moda.
by H&M simple skinny's 9,95 euros! and a simple black skirt for 7 euro's @ the H&M also i've got some small stuff for myself like make up and such things wich 'll show you some other time else it will become a bit boring for you guys. well cyah ladies!


  1. sorry about your toes =(
    i love the outfits, especially the dress.

  2. great pics love the outfits! and aww that sounds painfuk :(


  3. aww :( sorry to hear about your fall :'(
    I'm glad you got back up alright though :3

    You look great in your new outfits! <3


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