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Starting my own online store

Hey girls
I tought you might wanted to know that i'm starting me own online store!! YAAAY!
I'm very happy to tell you this news 'caus it is something i've been dreaming about since i was a .. i think 8 year old girl and i totaly love to make people happy and i really love all the things you need to have to own a store. I'm also very lucky to have Stijn as a boyfriend.. not because he is pretty , cute and i think very sweet! but also he makes websites in HTML .. my little nerd <3
anyhow... he is going to make it for me and i'm designing it....
this is a bit what it will look like... ( the pictures are not MINE i do not own any of them i just used them to see what it looks like with pictures )
& oh this is just the beginning
if someone has any tips plz tell me .
i'd love you help and opinion
maybe someone could help me working on the design or give me any tips or things he/she would like to see on my page the person who helps me the most gets something from my store when it finally opens..
well i hope you all enjoy and now see why i've been away from blogger all the time i'm working on THIS masterpiece hahha.
you might ask ... what things are you going to sell?
Well good question... first of all i didnt knew what i wanted something with nails & my jewerly called BabyBijoux but then i tought .. i wanted more... skin care... piercings ( i pierce so .... its not weird for me..) and make up and so much more!
well please please PLEASE comment about this here i really need your opinions..
xoxooxoxoxoxxoxo wish me luck (:


  1. That's such awesome news!!!
    You're so lucky that you have your bf who's an html pro! ;)

    Well, I used to have an etsy store but I closed it because I didn't have much time to manage it. :p But I might start it again because it was pretty fun. :)

    I'm not very good at giving advice. :P
    But if I had to give any, I would say just start it up and see how it goes. :)
    You can always update and make changes along the way because different people like different things.
    Also, maybe have a good selection/variety of items as well? :p

    I'm sure you will do well though because you seem very passionate! :)

    Good luck with all of this! :)
    I can't wait to see how it goes <3
    Keep me updated ok! <3

  2. Wow! Sounds like you're gona be selling quite a lot of stuff! :3
    That sounds really great!
    Do you have your own piercing studio? :p
    I totally think you should :p

    Hee... I really like your bakery idea :p
    gawsh, that would be a dream come true! :p
    I guess I have many dreams hahaha :p

    Oh! and I used to sell small crafty thingies :p Mainly accessories and charms...
    or hair bows, etc :p
    I like to use clay :3 and make mini animals or cupcakes, etc. :p
    I made a few cards before too hahaha :p

    It takes lots and lots of time and energy though :p especially coz I was doing everything by myself :p

  3. really?? that's amazing! I've never done something like that before so I can't give you any tips, but if there is anything I think of when I see it I'll let you know. Good luck!!!

  4. what do you girls think about the layout.
    i already changed the background in 1 colour my bf told me it looked more professional and the border is less round now.. 'll show you a new printscreen as soon as possible

  5. How's your webstore coming along? :3
    I took a look at your jewelry blog.
    Is that where you are planning to sell for now?
    I think prices are reasonable. I can't really tell how much things are where you live because I've never shopped there though :p
    I also like how you added a ruler to your pictures. I was wondering if you could add the measurements of the whole bracelets? and maybe also what kind of materials you used. Just very basic information. Doesn't have to be too detailed. :3
    Those are just a few of my suggestions :3


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