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belly fat

Hey ladies
I came across this on msn.com and i tought i'd share it with you guys.
Not everyone knows that you can lose weight by just eating the right food and such things
the most people think you dont eat and then lose weight cause thats bad for your health.
One Day to a Flatter Belly // woman sitting stretching © Thinkstock
The unpleasant truth is, belly fat is hard to melt away. But even if you can’t shave off inches from your gut in an instant, there are tons of things you can do throughout the day that’ll help you banish bloat, de-puff, and see a noticeably smaller middle. Here, we’ve discovered seven ways to stand taller, feel lighter, and get a flatter belly in 24 hours.


  1. haha i definitely need these tips! :P
    I was just reading on my blogger buddy's blog and she mentioned that eating grapefruit really helps reduce bloating! :P
    I got to get me some of that! :P
    I don't like the bitter ones though :p
    I can't tell how to choose the sweet ones though :p

    How do you keep fit, personally? :3

  2. Hehe, to help flatten my stomach, I' doing crunches and other ab exercises! :3

  3. unfortunatly my belly isnt that easy to get away hahahha!
    so i just must eat healthy and such..



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