We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe


Hey girls,
guess what.
BABY BIJOUX is almost running.
and if you want to buy it you can email me or just contact me @ this blogger <3
ALL exclusive shipping costs.
ALL bracelets are elastic & strechy
Baroque set 11,00 Euro
Cute hair accessoire 4,50 Euro
Bracelet Belinda Green 5,00 Euro
Red Rose Bracelet 5,00 Euro
Bracelet Belinda Blue 5,00 Euro
More comming later on the night <3
Love you so much & i hope you will all get more active caus I almost have VACATION wich means more tutorials & much much more POSTS!!!
Much love
xoxo Me


  1. wow congratz on graduating! <3
    how did it feel? :3

    and O_o?
    Really? I feel so touched that you chose me..
    Sure I will be glad to make a post on your jewelry :3
    I hope your business will be very successful! :3 You def have a lot of motivation and talent!:3

  2. omggg,,
    haha jij kan alles vinde ik niet:(
    ik heb alleen maar van die afval kralen xD

  3. die zijn gewoon uit dat winkeltje van die vrouw hier in overschie.


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