We are all of us stars , and we deserve to twinkle
-Marilyn Monroe

tiny mini haul

hey girls
I got down on the web and i bought this SUPER CUTE jewelry.
I know your thinking like hmm, wont you just make your own?? (because of my Jewelry line)
but.. no... I'm also in to someone others hihihi.
& i bought this GORGEOUS necklace wich i think is very cute:
this super cute 3 finger ring.. i hope it fits me :)
& for the superious happy days this cute smiley ring <3
so yeah i just wanted to say & oh
I got this super cute blackberry pouch:
its silver with black & brown wich i tought was very cute .. they had it in pink too but i tought it was too bright & i dont want it to be ugly on me when i am wearing something that doesnt fit a pink colour hihi
& please people if you watch things comment caus what is the fun about only reading things... well it might be fun but you also can chat with eachother about other things isnt that fun ?!?! hihihhi !
soooo ...


  1. Mwaha i like your necklace ;P

  2. Cool haul! I haven't seen your posts in a while!! I was wondering what happened!!

  3. Hey girl! <3
    I miss ya!
    Sorry for not keeping in touch as often as I wanted! ><
    Its finals week for me and I've been having a lot of projects going on haha :p
    Thanks so much for dropping by though! :3

    The jewelry you bought is so nice! <3
    When will your package arrive? :p

    gawsh, it would def be nice if we could hang out! :P I love shopping! :3

    you mentioned something about veggie stuff.. hm.. were you asking me to eat more vegetables or make more veggie posts? :P I was a bit confused haha :P

    and thanks for letting me know about your new fb page! :3 I will try and take a look soon! :P remind me if you can though! :P


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