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-Marilyn Monroe

Tips to stay healthy

Hello my loveley readers,
I've been downloading much applications since i have an ipod touch.
Its very fun to read stuff and i've been reading some girl apps and i've found some thing i'd like to share with you all.
Some things wich will make you look and feel good and young by fighting off deseases of aging trough eating fruit and vegetables rich in antioxidants.Anioxidants ingredients have anti aging properties.Try to get a minimum of four portions of fruit and vegetables daily.
Increase your fruit servings each day by slicing fresh fruit and place into small container for snacks throughout the day.Treat yourself fruits after every meal.
Keep it ripe, Fruit and vegetables in their whole form promises maximum flavor, at the same time keeping vitamins and antioxidants.
Vegetables contain vital enhancing properties and keep your mind and memory sharp. Vegetarian are less likely to die prematurely than meat eaters. ( YAY ME! xD ) You don't have to be one of to two leafy green vegetable and citrus fruits on the side.
I hope these tips will help you in the future.
Adelicia Kaya

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